Masterbatch Colour Pellets

We manufacture and import colour masterbatches that meet the diverse appearance and functional requirements placed on plastic products. We use additives to optimize processing, commodity performance and specialty resins.

Product Range

  • Colour Masterbatches
  • Black and White Masterbatch
  • Transparent Masterbatch
  • Additive Masterbatch

Product Features

  • Bright and intense colours
  • Excellent dispersion and high opacity
  • High light fastness (up to 8)
  • High heat resistance
  • Consistency and uniqueness of shades

Colour Masterbatches
This range of masterbatches is made of high-performance pigments & additives, which give excellent dispersion, light fastness, colour depth & enhances the colour of plastic products

Pearl, Metallic and Shimmer Effect Masterbatches
Ideally suited for products like Buckets, Furniture, Thermoware, Cosmetics, etc. They possess excellent light & weather fastness properties and are available in a variety of shades.

White and Black Masterbatch
Our finest quality of Whites & Blacks are available in about 20 different tints & tones with wide ranges in titanium dioxide & carbon black concentration as per customers’ requirements. They are suitable for plastic pails, water tanks, etc.

Filler Masterbatch
Filler Masterbatch is offered as per the customer’s different applications & requirements. It gives the smooth process of polymer, reduces cost, wastage percentage and improves strength & elongation.

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